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If you have a group, Continental Journeys has the tour. We custom make any program from start to finish. Your tour will be filled with exciting sights, an experienced tour manager, deluxe coaches, comfortable hotels and tasty meals with local cuisine. Years of experience has taught us how to operate your program to your full satisfaction. If you have a special theme, whether it is a family heritage tour, opera, design, bird watching, garden and flower, farm groups, museum, religious, alumni, or handicraft we can create the perfect tour. Contact Continental Journeys for a no cost quote today.

Please complete the information form below and press the “Submit Form” button at the bottom of the page. Be sure to fill in the three boxes with an * after them (this information is needed so that we may respond to you).

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If group does NOT want an escort, please describe (qualifications & title) the group person responsible while trip is in progress

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If you would like Continental Journeys to bid on the group flights also, please complete this section
  • Please give a description of itinerary/cities to be included
  • Note special events and/or sights you definitely want included
  • If you want a specific hotel in any city, please indicate by name
  • If coming to us with a specific itinerary, ask yourself if ample travel time was allowed between stopovers and also adequate free time
  • If your group has only a general outline in mind (no real specifics), just tell us their general goals.
The more you tell us, the easier it is to present an itinerary that meets the goals of your group in content & budget! Itinerary
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