Travelers wanting to spend their vacation in a colorful, unusual and historic land should look no further than Bolivia. Rich in scenic attractions, natural recourses and historic areas Bolivia will enthrall the most seasoned globetrotter. The largest city, La Paz was founded in 1548 and is the highest in the world. Visit the Indian Market and the San Francisco Church. Bolivia is home to a large Indian population and you will enjoy their friendly manner and colorful attire. The area around Lake Titicaca with its majestic mountain surroundings should not be missed. The huge lake, 120 miles long and 40 miles wide, is located partly in Bolivia and in Peru. It is possible to take a hydrofoil from one county to the other. You will see the fascinating rural society and the ruins of Inca fortresses. Visit the official capital, Sucre, founded in 1538 and is a city of Spanish colonial charm. Continental Journeys offers both escorted and independent tours to Bolivia. You can customize any independent tour or we can create a tour to fit your wishes.



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