El Salvador

Comparable in size to the state of Maryland, the garden republic of El Salvador is a traveler’s treasure trove. Covering the lower slopes of the Central American cordillera, it is landscaped with verdant mountains, active volcanoes, crater lakes, green forests, tropical valleys and beaches washed by the blue Pacific. Though the smallest of the Central American republics, El Salvador is the most densely populated, with natives living in hinterland villages and urbanites in modern cities. Its natural and cultural contrasts offer a maximum of sightseeing with a minimum of travelling and diversity of activity in a choice of climates. We recommend visits to the capital, San Salvador, the colonial cities of Santa Ana and Suchitoto the handicraft area of La Palma and the many Mayan ruins that dot the countryside. Continental Journeys offers many escorted and independent tours of El Salvador and the other Central American republics. You can customize any independent tour or we can create a tour that fits your needs.



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