Paraguay, located in the heart of South America, is a small land with friendly people and exceptional beauty. The eastern region of the country has a tropical climate, virgin forests, jungles and is the home to the nations capital Asuncion. Founded in 1537, Asuncion, still retains its colonial feel. It is a city of parks, plazas, avenues and was built around the Paraguay River. Visit the extravagant mansions that dot the Mariscal Lopez Avenue, La Casa de la Independencia, Trinity Church, the Cathedral, Palacio del Gobierno and the cities excellent art and historical museums. Outside the city visit the market town of Pettirosi where many well made and interesting handicrafts are on sale. The western region of the country is known as the Chaco Paraguayo and covers sixty per cent of the nation. This agricultural region consists of arid planes. This is a nature lovers paradise that boasts over 500 kinds of hardwood trees, 300 types of medicinal plants, several species of birds and animals such as the South American ostrich, jaguars, waterdogs and pumas. Of particular interest to the visitor are the Jesuit Mission ruins, 7 of which are located in Paraguay. Continental Journeys offers both escorted and independent tours to Paraguay. You can customize any independent tour or we can create a tour to fit your wishes.



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