Located in the far north of the Northern Hemisphere is a group of islands known as Svalbard. The islands are 1.5 times larger than Denmark and posses some of the greatest wilderness and adventures on earth. The largest of the islands is Sptisbergen and its here that most human activity takes place. Longyearbyen is the "Norwegian Capital" of Svalbard and the home to 1,500 hardy souls. Svalbard is one of the last genuinely untouched wilderness areas left in the world, and more than sixty per percent of the land is protected as nature reserves and national parks. There is a rich variety of bird and plant life, and a handful of mammals most noteably the polar bear survive on Svalbard. They have adapted to the extreme conditions and life at the edge of the polar ice. The average winter temperature lies around minus 12c but Mother Nature is the absolute force on Svalbard, and the weather can change at the blink of an eye. Continental Journeys offers both escorted and independent tours to this exciting region



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