Sweden offers the traveler to Scandinavia many vacation options. Its capital Stockholm, known as "Beauty on Water" is a lovely city built on 14 islands that are linked by bridges and is protected by an archipelago consisting of thousands islands and islets. Visit the Wasa Ship Museum, pride of the Swedish fleet that went down on its maiden voyage in 1628,The ornate City Hall, where the Nobel Banquet takes place every year, and the quaint Gamla Stan, Old Town, winding streets with small shops and restaurants. Outside Stockholm visit Drottingholm Palace, home of the Swedish King and Gripsholms Vardshus, Sweden's oldest inn with a famous gourmet restaurant and charming palace. Outside the Stockholm area visit the Kingdom of Crystal region based around the city of Kalmar. Here, serious shoppers can buy 1st and 2nd quality glassware at factory prices. Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city is a town of charming canals and grand avenues. The Dalarna region known as the "Heart of Swedish Culture" is where you can see the famous Dala Horses being carved. Don't forget the Icehotel during the winter months which in the last few years has become famous worldwide.



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