Since gaining its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 Croatia has been steadily increasing the number of tourists each year. With some of the finest beach resorts and archeological sights in Europe a visit to Croatia is a must. The Adriatic coast in the Dalmation area, is the most popular tourist destination with its beautiful blue sea, more than one thousand islands and Roman amphitheaters. There you will find a paradise throughout the year. Zagreb, the ancient capital is a lovely city of parks and cafes. The coastal city of Split, includes the Dioclotisn Palace, so large it was turned into a medieval town. The Plitvice Lakes is the most beautiful and best known Croatian National Park and should not be missed. Dubrovnik, a medieval city located in southern Croatia on the Adriatic coast is a treasury of cultural and historic monuments dating back more than a thousand years. Continental Journeys offers escorted and independent tours to Croatia. You can customize any independent tour or we can create a tour to fit your wishes.



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