Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands have been a self governing region of Denmark since 1948. The archipelago consists of 18 islands covering 545 sq. miles. The population of approximately 45,000 speak their own language, Faroese, which is rooted in Old Norse. The weather is maritime and quite changeable, from bright sunshine to showers. Torshavn, the capital, is a charming city with a well preserved old town. The abundant bird and plant life make excursions to the countryside worthwhile. The public transportation system and accommodations are excellent. Continental Journeys offers both independent and escorted tours to the Faroe Islands. You can customize any independent tour or we can create a tour to fit your needs.

Torshavn-Faroese Culture and Nature

Hosted Tour 5 day/ 4 night tour of the mysterious Faroe Islands with airfare from Copenhagen or Reykjavik

Vagar-A Faroese Island

Hosted Tour 4 Day/ 3 Night tour of the Faroese Island of Vagar with airfare from either Reykjavik or Copenhagen.

Faroe Islands-Atlantic Nature and Ancient Culture

Hosted Tour 8 day/ 7 night tour of the best of the Faroes including airfare from either Copenhagen or Reykjavik.

Faroe Islands in Winter

Hosted Tour 3 night tour of the exotic Faroe Islands from Copenhagen



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