Finland is an interesting mix of east and west. During its tumultuous past the country has been occupied by both the Swedes and the Russians. Today with a culture of its own Finland is a pleasant surprise to any visitor to Northern Europe. The capital, Helsinki, known as " The Daughter of the Baltic" is a lovely city built on a harbor overlooking the Gulf of Finland. It is a city of wide avenues and neoclassic architecture. Visit the Church in the Rock and the heart of the city Senate Square. Helsinki is a shoppers paradise with such names as Marimekko and Iittala among Finland's world famous brands. Outside the capital, visit the wooden town of Porvoo and the charming seaside village of Ekenes. Located in the southwest part of the country a visit to Finland's second oldest city Turku is worthwhile. Its Cathedral and Castle should not be missed. Outside Turku is the lovely wooden town of Naantali that is home to the Naantali Spa, Scandinavia's most luxurious and up to date. A short boat ride from Turku are the charming Aland Islands. These Swedish speaking islands offer the visitor beautiful landscapes and friendly people. The northern Finnish area of Lapland is enjoyable both in winter and summer. Here you can visit reindeer farms, meet Santa Claus, and during the winter months cruise on an ice breaker, enjoy snowmobile safaris and try your luck ice fishing. Continental Journeys offers many independent and escorted tours to Finland. We can custom make any tour to fit your needs

Christmas In Finland

Hosted Tour-7 night Christmas package to Rovaniemi and Helsinki filled with activities.

Night in an Igloo Under the Northern Lights

Independent Tour-4 night package including one in a glass igloo.

Baltic Sea Explorer

Escorted Tour-15 night tour of the three Baltic capitals with Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Baltic Horizons

Escorted Tour 9 night tour of Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Four Capitals Tour

Escorted Tour 8 night tour to Stockholm-Helsinki-Copenhagen and Oslo.

Kings Road

Independent Tour 8 Day/7Night tour of Helsinki-Turku and Stockholm

Northern Highlights

Escorted Tour 11 night tour of the Norwegian Fjords and Oslo-Stockholm and Helsinki

Aland Islands

Independent Tour 3 night tour to the quaint and charming Aland islands situated between Finland and Sweden including overnight cruise.

Scenic Norway & Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen

Escorted Tour 13 night extensive tour to the Scandinavian capitals and the Norwegian Fjords. 7 night, 9 night, 11 night and 13 night itineraries available.

Pearls of the Baltic

Escorted Tour 8 day/ 7 night tour to Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg

Scandinavian Panorama Including Baltic Cruise

Escorted Tour 15 Day/ 14 night extensive tour of Scandinavia including overnight cruise to Helsinki. 10 night and 12 night versions available.

Spa Stay at the Naantali Spa Hotel

Spa Vacation 4 day/ 3 night spa stay at the up to date Naantali Spa Hotel in the charming Finnish wooden town of Naantali.

Rovaniemi-Capital of Lapland

Independent Tour3 night tour to the fascinating capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi. Meet Santa.

Northern Highlights with St. Petersburg

Escorted Tour Our popular Northern Highlights tour with an extension to St. Petersburg.

Grand Tour of Scandinavia

Escorted Tour 14 night tour of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland

Grand Tour of Scandinavia with St. Petersburg

Escorted Tour 17 night Our popular Grand Tour of Scandinavia with St. Petersburg

Four Capitals Tour & Fjords of Norway Extension

Escorted Tour 14 night tour. Our popular Four Capitals Tour and The Fjords of Norway tour combined.

The Route of the Czar's

Escorted Tour 8 night tour of Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Baltic Triangle

Escorted Tour 7 night tour of Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn.

Treasures of Scandinavia and Russia

Escorted Tour 18 night tour of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia

Best of Finland in Winter

Independent Tour 5 night tour of Finland including the exciting Sampo Ice Breaker.

Tallinn and Turku with Helsinki

Independent Tour 5 night tour featuring Tallinn and Turku both Culture Capitals of Europe for 2011 with Helsinki.

Revelation of the Baltic Sea

Escorted Tour 12 night complete tour featuring Lithuania, Latia, Estonia, Finland and St. Petersburg

The Baltic States & Helsinki

Escorted Tour 9 night tour of the Baltic States and Helsinki

Capitals and Fjords with Helsinki & Tallinn

Escorted Tour 15 night tour of the Scandinavian Capitals and fjords with Helsinki and Tallinn



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