Greenland is an island of wilderness and adventure. See enormous icebergs in the Disko Bay area, the green fjords in the south, and enjoy dogsled and snowmobile safaris in the north and east. Greenland is an autonomous region of Denmark and has enjoyed home rule since 1979. Whether you visit in winter or summer, Greenland offers many exciting options. Continental Journeys offers both independent, escorted and cruise tours to Greenland. You can customize any independent tour or we can create a tour that best fits your wishes.

Ilulissat Town of Icebergs

Hosted Tour 5 day/ 4 night tour of western Greenland. from Copenhagen

Kulusuk-Day Tour to Greenland from Reykjavik

Hosted Tour 1 day tour (8 hour) to the East Greenland city of Kulusuk including airfare from Reykjavik

East Greenland-Ammassalik and Kulusuk

Hosted Tour 4 Day/ 3 Night tour of East Greenland from Reykjavik

East Greenland-Ammassalik

Hosted Tour 3 day/ 2 night short tour to East Greenland from Reykjavik.

Iceland and East Greenland

Hosted Tour 7 day/ 6 night tour of the best of Iceland and East Greenland.

Narsarsuaq-Nature and History

Hosted Tour 5 day/4 night tour of South Greenland from Reykjavik

Iceland and South Greenland

Hosted Tour 8 day/ 7 night tour of Iceland and South Greenland including airfare from Reykjavik to Greenland.

Kulusuk 2 day package

Hosted Tour 2 day/ 1 night short tour of East Greenland from Reykjavik.

Nuuk-The Captial of Greenland

Hosted Tour 3 night tour of the capital and largest town of Greenland, Nuuk. Includes airfare from Reykjavik.

Explore West Greenland

Hosted Tour 4 night tour of Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat including airfare from Copenhagen

Narsaq A Greenlandic Town

Hosted Tour 3 night tour Narsaq in spectacular South Greenland from Reykjavik

Explore South Greenland from Copenhagen

Hosted Tour 5 night tour of historic and scenic Narsarsuaq and Narsaq in South Greenland from Copenhagen.

Greenland South to North by Air

Hosted Tour 7 night grand tour from Copenhagen or Reykjavik that features the beautiful south, the icebergs of the west and the capital of Nuuk.

Explore South Greenland from Reykjavik

Hosted Tour 4 night tour of Narsq and Narsarsuaq with flights from Reykjavik.

Greenland From the Sea

Cruise and Land Tour 7 night tour of the West Coast and South Greenland with hotel stays and cruise on the M/V Sarfaq Ittuk. Flights from Copenhagen included.

Icebergs and Whales

Hosted Tour 6 night tour of the spectacular Disko Bay area featuring Ilulissat and Qeqertarsuaq from either Copenhagen or Reykjavik.

Ilulissat - Image of the Ice

Hosted Tour 4 night tour of spectacular Ilulissat located on Disko Bay from Reykjavik.

Volcanoes and Ice

Hosted Tour 8 night tour featuring the best of Iceland with the Disko Bay capital, Ilulissat from Reykjavik.

Cruise the Icebergs

Hosted Tour 6 night land tour and cruise with airfare from Reykjavik



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