Norway, the land of fjords and mountains, is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Its small yet sophisticated capital, Oslo, "The Viking Capital," is one of Scandinavia's oldest. Built on the spectacular Oslo Fjord it houses over 50 museums including the world famous Viking Ship and Kontiki museums. Bergen, "The Gateway to the Fjords" is a must for all travelers to Norway. Visit the famous fish market and home of the composer Edvard Grieg. Much has been written about Norway's magical fjords and Continental Journeys offers many tours both independent and escorted that visits these magnificent areas. Northern Norway especially North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe, and the beautiful Lofoten Islands should also not be missed. Continental Journeys can custom make any tour and any of our independent tours can be modified to fit your needs.

Scandinavian Capitals in Winter

Independent Tour-7 night package to Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm including an overnight cruise.

Kirkenes in Winter

Independent Tour 3 night tour to the top of Norway. Including 1 night in a snow hotel.

Coast to Coast in Winter

Independent Tour 7 night tour of Oslo, Bergen and the winter resort of Geilo with the Flam Railway.

Top of Norway in Winter

Independent Tour 5 night tour of the top of Norway including North Cape.

The Northern Lights of Tromso

Independent Tour 4 night tour of Northern Norway looking for the spectacular Northern Lights.

Charming Norway in Winter

Independent Tour 6 night tour featuring the winter highlights of Norway.

Ultimate North of Norway

Independent Tour 5 night tour of the North of Norway featuring Tromso and a night in an igloo.

Hunting the Northern Lights in Norway

Independent Tour 5 night tour focusing on the spectacular Northern Lights of the Arctic.



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