Slovakia was created in 1993 with the break up of Czechoslovakia. The country has not been overrun by tourists as its former partner and therefore prices are reasonable and crowds are few. Bratislava, the capital is a lively city with much to see. It lies on the Danube close to the Austrian and Hungarian borders. Highlights include the old town, one of the best preserved in Eastern Europe and the imposing Bratislava Castle erected to protect the Hungarian Emperor's borders. Numerous cafes, shops and galleries have sprung up around the city and its nightlife is worth experiencing. Outside the capital visit the spa town of Piestany, known throughout Europe, and one of the best preserved towns from the middle ages Levoca. Continental Journeys offers both escorted and independent tours to Slovakia. We can customize any independent tour and create a tour to fit your wishes.

Vienna and Bratislava in Winter

Independent Tour 3 night tour of magnificent Vienna and charming Bratislava



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